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The Occupational Safety & Health Certification Institute conducts KCs Safety Certification on Hazardous Machine and Protective Device under the Occupational Safety & Health Acts and S-mark Safety Certification on industrial machinery and components not under laws and regulations to lead manufacturing, distribution, and use of products with fundamental assurance of product performance, quality, and safety. To enhance on customer satisfaction, industrial accident reduction, and preventive measures through clean and responsible tasks, all members of OSHCI will put the utmost effort for the followings.

  • First, for development of certification work, we, as a professional technical institution for safety of protective devices, PPE and industrial machinery, will continuously review and enhance the advanced certification systems and international specifications to fulfill social responsibilities.
  • Second, we will pursue to become the international institution of certification through the level of safety certification technology to fulfill demands and to correspond with new technologies from the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Third, we will reinforce the functions of the hub of private accident prevention organizations and
    re-establish the roles to contribute to prevention of industrial accident through improvement of the level of safety and health services.
  • With effort for the above, the Institute will fulfill needs of customers and will become the institute of safety certification assessment not only to prevent industrial accident but also to be the world-class institution of safety quality over the best institution in Korea. We thus ask your continuous encouragement and interest for us. Thank You.
CEO of The Occupational Safety & Health Certification Institute

Kim, Young-Tae,
Director General of OSHCI